Building More Than Buildings

LANGE grew from a small Midwest real estate business to a family of companies serving industries across the globe.

But LANGE builds more than buildings. We push beyond the boundaries of what’s possible, creating solutions that help dreamers, businesses and communities thrive. From structures that safeguard lives to financial programs that fuel startups, LANGE innovates for the innovators.

We Build

We build dreams by forging long-term partnerships with customers whose goals become like our own.

We build potential, helping entrepreneurs bring ideas to reality through guidance, resources and capital.

We build legacies with courageous character and spirit, capitalizing on opportunities to sustain growth and venture on.

Our Leadership

  • Jeff Lange LANGE Leadership Jeff Lange

    Managing Partner, LANGE

    Jeff Lange

    In 1998, Jeff Lange, a realtor with experience in land sales, development, construction, and commercial sales, founded ABox4U. Originally, the company leased portable storage units to construction sites and other industrial worksites. The units were built from shipping containers that were restored and painted bright red, like the company’s logo. In 2005, after a catastrophic refinery explosion in Texas City, Texas, killed 15 workers, Jeff company changed the company’s focus and began working to develop the industry’s first blast-resistant buildings (BRB). Over time, Jeff’s company grew and became known as the leading authority on blast-resistant buildings in the oil and gas industry. In 2014, the company changed its name to RedGuard, reflecting its focus on safety and drawing attention to the red boxes that the company was known for.

    While RedGuard remains a leading provider of BRBs, its SiteBox Storage segment has remained competitive in the Midwest market. The company has seen growth, from its early fleet of 500 containers to now over 7,500 containers. This growth has been organic, as well as through multiple business acquisitions. Jeff’s leadership and action have been paramount in this success.

    Through his many forays into business and his entrepreneurial spirit, Jeff understands the importance of good teamwork and the value of surrounding himself with a group of highly trained professionals dedicated to meeting each customer’s unique needs. He has built a strong Leadership Team to oversee the day-to-day operations of RedGuard, and today he remains a managing partner in RedGuard, as well as several other divisions of his LANGE company.

    Away from work, Jeff and his wife, Patti, enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren, viewing the wildlife that frequently visits the creek behind their country home, and watching the activity on the family farm.

  • Rachel Lange Mills LANGE Leadership Rachel Lange-Mills

    President & Supervising Broker, Lange Real Estate

    Rachel Lange-Mills

    As a young child, Rachel Lange-Mills got her start in real estate by shadowing her father, Jeff Lange, the owner of Lange Real Estate. An underlying passion and excitement around the real estate brokerage firm led her to migrate into real estate in 2016. She enjoys the challenge of the work and helping people realize their property goals.

    The culture at Lange Real Estate is a highlight of the job for Rachel. She says it feels like a big family rather than a job. When working with clients, her goal is to learn and understand their objectives in buying or selling their commercial property, business or home. She helps her clients achieve those goals by becoming a trusted advisor. As a partner in the process, she earns the trust and confidence of her clients.

    Rachel is from Conway Springs, Kansas, where she attended Conway Springs High School. She graduated from Kansas State University and is married to Ryan. They have three children, Kennedy, Kade and Kourtlyn. Rachel loves living in Wichita because of the limited commute, the small “big town” feel, and its friendly Midwest culture.

  • placeholder image Chelsi Lange-Barnes

    President of the Board, OneRise

    Chelsi Lange-Barnes

    Chelsi Lange-Barnes is the President of the Board for OneRise, a 501(c)(3) organization formed by LANGE, dedicated to introducing innovative mental health solutions to Wichita and its surrounding areas. This health-based branch of the LANGE organization allows her the opportunity to pull from her education in nursing.

    Chelsi grew up in the family business; however, her family emphasized the importance of pursuing individual passions and careers before joining the team. Chelsi attended Wichita State University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2010. After working as a trauma nurse for almost two years, she decided to switch gears and follow her true passion— cosmetology.

    In 2019, while continuing her work in the salon, Chelsi began to divide her efforts and become more engaged in the family business. She formed and managed the Family Council, enhancing the Lange family’s presence and involvement in owner decisions and communication with the leadership of the LANGE companies. Chelsi has also managed BrightWater Bay, contributes to the organization’s Culture Committee, collaborates with HR on employee engagement, and oversees the Lange family’s philanthropic efforts through the Lange Community Foundation.

    In her spare time, Chelsi enjoys spending time with her husband and three sons. When not at a sporting event, they love spending time at the lake or exploring new destinations through travel.

  • Strattton Lange LANGE Leadership Stratton Lange

    General Manager, Equisset

    Stratton Lange

    Stratton joined LANGE in 2021 and today serves as the General Manager of Equisset. At Equisset, Stratton has been able to combine two of his passions in real estate and finance to help real estate investors, developers, or everyday consumers generate the capital needed to get deals done. He loves to collaborate and look at all angles of a deal to find the best path to success.

    Stratton attended Wichita State University, where he double majored in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship. He then ventured out to the West Coast for three years and worked in Private Equity while obtaining his MBA from San Diego State University. Stratton loves the San Diego area but realized he appreciates the openness and the concept of owning a piece of dirt that comes with Midwest living.

    With seven years of experience in real estate, Stratton has honed his expertise across various domains, including spearheading more than $100 million in Historic Tax Credit project developments and contributing to the broader realms of real estate development and finance.

    Beyond his professional achievements, Stratton is engaged to his fiancé, Charlene, and has one sweet baby girl, Macie. In his free time, you will catch Stratton cheering on everything K-State athletics, relaxing with his family or staying active with sports and outdoor activities.

  • Clint Lopez LANGE Leadership Clint Lopez

    Chief Financial Officer, LANGE

    Clint Lopez

    Clint Lopez began his journey with the finance department at RedGuard in March 2009; he is currently Chief Financial Officer. Clint is responsible for the company’s contracts and finance departments, including the corporate accounting, manufacturing accounting and financial analyst groups. He manages the relationships with banks, law firms, CPA firms, as well as various other third-party partners. Under Clint’s leadership, RedGuard has grown from partnerships with small community banks to the top national bank in the United States, negotiating a $90 million line of credit. As a member of the Leadership Team, he also assists in developing and executing RedGuard’s strategic plan.

    Working previously with a medical equipment supplier, Southwest X-Ray Company, and spending nine years in public accounting, his experience provides the company with a significant amount of experience with financial reporting and analysis, as well as state and local tax. Clint’s industry background includes banking, tax administration, and corporate accounting and finance. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Kansas State University and has held a CPA license with the state of Colorado since 2003.

    Away from work, Clint and his wife enjoy outdoor activities with their two sons. From coaching his son’s athletic teams to an advocate in the Derby community for wrestling, Clint lives an active lifestyle that also includes playing golf.

  • Darren Hillman LANGE Leadership Darren Hillman

    Chief Executive Officer, RedGuard

    Darren Hillman

    Darren Hillman joined RedGuard in February 2009 and is currently the Chief Executive Officer. In his role leading the RedGuard team, he directs the day-to-day operations of the company. He is involved in aspects such as providing strategic direction, leading upper-level management, as well as coaching and counseling teammates. He drives core company values, big-picture strategies, company forecasting and employee engagement. Darren deploys strategies to help the company exceed its growth and revenue goals with a keen eye on company culture. He directs and participates in all conversations relating to goal setting, budgeting, resource allocation, market development strategies and acquisitions. In RedGuard’s pursuit of being an authority on safety, Darren remains a front-line leader with direct involvement with customers, regulatory bodies, community organizations and employees.

    Before joining the RedGuard team, he served on the company’s advisory board. Throughout his career, Darren developed significant experience in handling operations, production scheduling, and manufacturing activities. He was the founding owner of Hillman Construction, a commercial and residential building company in Wichita, Kansas. His past work experience provided him with a deep understanding of production processes, quality and cost control, customer service, as well as timing and logistics management. Darren has also served as a real estate agent and demonstrated the ability to grow his real estate and construction businesses simultaneously while using the services of each business to complement the other.

  • Tim Taton LANGE Leadership Tim Taton

    Chief Operating Officer, RedGuard

    Tim Taton

    Tim Taton joined the RedGuard Team in March 2012 as Sales Manager and is now serving as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. He is accountable for the development and implementation of strategies and forecasting. Tim works to see that the organization executes consistently with its projections. While his role is primarily focused on top-line revenue, he stays involved with contracts and negotiations and participates in leadership with manufacturing and fabrication. He oversees the operations of RedGuard’s CoverSix segment, and he is a director on the board that oversees Specialist Services RedGuard, one of the company’s joint ventures with Specialist Services.

    He is an advocate of and is personally invested in promoting the company’s culture, safety and quality initiatives. Tim serves on the organization’s Executive and Leadership Teams, and he strives to help RedGuard achieve its revenue goals. He’s skilled at problem-solving, developing best practices, and developing strategic initiatives to propel the organization forward.

    Tim holds both a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration from Kansas State University. His professional experience has included assignments at small and large organizations, allowing for varied experience and exposure to the infrastructure and support needed to be successful. He has had valuable endeavors in risk management and insurance. Tim also serves as a board member for the local chapter of the American Red Cross.

  • placeholder image Steve Petz

    Sr. Vice President of Sales & Operations, RedGuard

    Steve Petz

    Serving as the Vice President of Sales and Operations, Steve Petz started at RedGuard in 2013 as Director of SafetySuite Sales. He now leads the SafetySuite, LeaseFleet and SiteBox Storage teams and oversees the logistics, transportation and service teams.

    Steve drives many decisions around inventory, new product development, acquisitions, major equipment purchases, and other areas for growth and expansion. His responsibilities include ensuring that every department has adequate resources and that decisions are made promptly to support the company’s progress. He is skilled at prioritizing resource allocation so that the company can remain aggressive and competitive in both internal and external growth.

    Steve holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Sterling College. His past professional experience was in the insurance industry, which opened doors for him to contacts in the blast-resistant building industry. His focus on customer service and responsiveness has influenced the success of RedGuard.

    In his time away from work, Steve enjoys spending time with his family and working around his home and small acreage.

  • Jeremy Smith LANGE Leadership Jeremy Smith

    Vice President, RedGuard Diversified Structures

    Jeremy Smith

    As Vice President of RedGuard Diversified Structures, Jeremy Smith is responsible for the daily operations of the company’s branch in Thomasville, Georgia. Jeremy has worked for RedGuard since 2011, when he started as a Service Manager in Wichita, Kansas. With a background in aircraft manufacturing and construction, combined with time in the Army, Jeremy’s background allowed him to work his way up through production, service and logistics at the company. While working for RedGuard full-time, Jeremy completed work on a Master of Science in Operations Management degree to round up his Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Today, Jeremy manages the team in Thomasville that includes the Survive-A-Storm and Matador brands. He keeps his finger on the pulse of the industry to ensure the company’s productivity moves in line with consumer expectations.

    When not leading the team at work, Jeremy finds himself leading a team at home. He’s the proud father of two kids, Cahner and Hailey. He and his wife, Sheri, stay involved with their kids’ activities, like football and dance, and he tries to occasionally squeeze in a round of golf.

  • Shane Gerber LANGE Leadership Shane Gerber

    Senior Director of Finance, RedGuard

    Shane Gerber

    Shane has been with RedGuard since 2014, when he started as a Financial Analyst, working his way up to his current role as Director of Finance. In this role, Shane leads the company to quality business and financial decisions through his experience with budgeting, forecasting, cash management and banking relationships.

    Shane’s accounting and finance background provides a balanced approach to RedGuard’s growth goals and financial performance. He regularly collaborates across departments and different levels of management to ensure financially informed decisions are made, and RedGuard continues to meet financial goals.

    Shane has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Master of Accountancy from Kansas State University. He has worked in accounting since 2011, with experience as an accountant with Harlow Aerostructures.

    Along with spending time with his family, Shane enjoys fishing, K-State sports, and escaping the plains of Kansas for some hiking in Colorado. He has also recently joined the Wichita Metro Crime Commission to extend his involvement in the community.

  • Shannon Ross LANGE Leadership Shannon Ross

    Senior Director of Human Capital, RedGuard

    Shannon Ross

    As RedGuard’s Director of Human Capital, Shannon Ross develops and executes the human resource strategy in a growth environment that supports the organization’s overall business plan and strategic direction. Shannon directs her team in talent management, culture initiatives, succession planning, training and development, change management, organizational and performance management, compliance, mergers and acquisitions, and compensation and benefits administration.

    Shannon brings a diverse perspective to the leadership team. She provides valuable insight into decisions made around strategic leadership by articulating organizational needs and plans to the company’s owners and the Executive and Leadership teams. Her collaboration ensures operations across the company meet the intended goals.

    Before joining the RedGuard team in 2014, Shannon acquired a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management and a minor in Economics from Kansas State University. Her past work experience in human resources dates back to 2006; it includes expertise in recruitment, orientation and training, employee benefits, personnel management, employee relations and compliance.

    Away from work, Shannon spends time with her husband, Brian, and four daughters. You can often find their family at kids’ sporting events, golfing, or cheering on the Kansas State Wildcats.

  • Kayl Barkley LANGE Leadership Kayl Barkley

    CPA, Business Development Manager, Acquipt

    Kayl Barkley

    Kayl Barkley joined the Acquipt team in February 2020 as the Business Development Manager after having previous experience in accounting with other LANGE brands. After several years in public accounting, he obtained his CPA license with the state of Kansas in 2018. With auditing and corporate tax experience, Kayl brings a unique financial focus to the table.

    At Acquipt, Kayl works with business owners across the country and in many different industries. That latitude makes every day different and offers him the ability to be creative on financial solutions while seeing his clients succeed in their businesses. Kayl is responsible for managing the portfolio and business development opportunities for Acquipt. This includes assisting business owners in obtaining equipment financing to enhance their revenue and operations. He also manages equipment agreements, analyzes financial reporting, and provides business consulting.

    Kayl earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting in 2015 and a Master of Business Administration in 2016 from the University of South Dakota. While obtaining these academic achievements, he was a four-year letterman on the university football team.

  • Adam Tannehill LANGE Leadership Adam Tannehill

    Networking Officer, Business Development, LANGE

    Adam Tannehill

    Adam Tannehill’s journey with LANGE began in 2021 when he joined Lange Real Estate as an inside sales representative. He quickly gained valuable experience in understanding client needs and providing exceptional service. His dedication and enthusiasm quickly caught the attention of the team, which brought him into the role of creative sales and marketing in the summer of the same year. This opportunity allowed him to combine his creative mindset with his sales expertise, contributing to the growth and success of Lange Real Estate.

    His experience with LANGE eventually led him to the position of networking officer for LANGE Companies, taking on a strategic business development role. A natural connector, this role gives Adam the opportunity to leverage his networking skills while he establishes valuable connections with key stakeholders in several industries. He thrives on cultivating partnerships and identifying growth opportunities for the company. With his invaluable expertise in cultivating opportunities, fostering growth, and driving business development, he has been an asset to the LANGE team.

    Adam attended Midland University, focusing on commercial art and advertising. Before joining LANGE, his professional pursuits combined his love of sports, entrepreneurship and marketing. He has a knack for staying ahead of market trends and adopting innovative strategies.

    Beyond his professional life, he also finds time for golfing, volunteering, running his business, and some artistic pursuits. He’s been married since October 2019 to his wife, Nicole. They have two dogs named Mia and Piper.

  • Mike Kastens LANGE Leadership Mike Kastens

    Brand Manager, RedGuard

    Mike Kastens

    Mike Kastens is a seasoned professional and brand manager who spearheads the creative team at RedGuard, overseeing the brand image for all affiliated RedGuard brands. With over 25 years of diverse experience in the creative industry, Mike excels in areas such as inbound marketing, corporate branding, web and application design, integrated marketing programs, and creative concepts. He is committed to driving awareness and generating demand for RedGuard’s industry-leading protective products.

    Before joining RedGuard, Mike’s extensive background also included over 12 years of hands-on experience in business management, where he achieved outstanding results in e-commerce site direction, product development, marketing analysis and profitability optimization. He also spent 12 years as the Founder and Head of Operations at GrillingGifts.com. This small business experienced remarkable growth, evolving from a single idea into an e-commerce destination featuring a vast range of products. He sold the business in 2012. He has been recognized as a collaborative and creative thinker and is known for his meticulous attention to detail and ability to generate innovative ideas.

    When Mike’s not at work, he and his wife, Linda, enjoy restoring and creating custom furniture and high-end audio cabinets with a mid-century flair. He and Linda have three adult daughters and always seem to have a new DIY project to work on.

  • Joe Robertson LANGE Leadership Joe Robertson

    Brand Manager, LANGE

    Joe Robertson

    Joe Robertson has been with LANGE since 2022 and currently leads the marketing efforts for the LANGE companies, focusing on Lange Real Estate, Acquipt, Equisset, ModuAll and the OneRise Health Campus. In his role as Brand Manager, Joe provides strategic branding direction and innovative brand marketing programs. Joe is a highly experienced Creative and Marketing Leader with a passion for developing powerful and impactful brand identities. With nearly 30 years of experience in the creative industry, Joe is adept at managing in-house creative and marketing teams.

    After graduating from Wichita State University with a degree in Graphic Design, Joe began his career working at small boutique design firms and advertising agencies before making the transition to working in-house. One of the main advantages of working as an in-house creative is the ability to fully immerse oneself in a company’s brand and culture. This allows for a deep understanding of the company’s values, which helps create more effective and impactful creative materials. Throughout his career, Joe has done work for a variety of successful brands, including INTRUST Bank, Wichita Wingnuts, Koch Industries, CharlesKoch.com, Sparkle Paper Towels and Lycra.

    When he’s not busy developing powerful brand identities, Joe can usually be found riding his gravel bike in the Flint Hills or spending time with his wife and two sons.

  • Matthew Tannehill LANGE Leadership Matthew Tannehill

    President, OneRise Health Campus

    Matthew Tannehill

    Matthew Tannehill joined LANGE in 2021 as the Director of Strategic Initiatives for the Lange Community Foundation, a philanthropic foundation started by the Lange family. Matthew currently serves as the President of OneRise Health Campus, a visionary initiative to create a 70-acre campus that addresses mental healthcare and substance abuse needs in Wichita and the surrounding region. With a strong background in social services, he has served in organizations such as the Wichita International Rescue Committee and Catholic Charities of South-Central Kansas.

    Matthew Tannehill is a dedicated professional with over a decade of experience in the not-for-profit industry. Through his expertise, compassion and unwavering dedication, Matthew Tannehill continues to drive positive transformation in the not-for-profit sector, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of those he serves. He believes in the power of community and actively advocates for empowering individuals, fostering collaboration and driving social change.

    Outside of work, he is happily married to Theresa, and together they are proud parents to their baby girl, Sawyer. He and his wife enjoy playing volleyball and seeking new adventures with their daughter.

  • Tim Murphy LANGE Leadership Tim Murphy

    Vice President, Armoda

    Tim Murphy

    Tim Murphy is the Vice President of Armoda, a company under the umbrella of RedGuard and its associated brands. Tim is responsible for the daily operations of the company’s facilities in New Iberia and Belle Chasse, Louisiana, as well as driving growth for new product lines and territories. The Armoda brand offers versatile solutions for modular products and services that allow Tim and the Armoda team to develop custom solutions tailored specifically to customers’ needs.

    He originally joined the company as the director of sales for a joint venture the company had formed to expand its modular offerings into the offshore sector of the oil and gas industry. He’s been instrumental in developing a presence for the company through his experience across several industries. His demonstrated skills in negotiation, business development, offshore regulatory requirements, and his understanding of modular designs and project management have helped the company to build the Armoda brand.

    Tim’s career, spanning more than 15 years, includes experience with the oil and gas, petrochemical, marine, government and energy industries. He received a Bachelor of Science in economics from the University of South Carolina and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Houston, Clear Lake.

    When he’s not closing deals with customers, Tim enjoys spending time with his wife, Melissa, and their son, Braddock, at sporting events, family gatherings, or outdoor activities with their dogs.

Recognition & Awards

  • Wichita Business Journal 2016 Best Places to Work RedGuard, LANGE Shared Services
  • Wichita Business Journal 2016 Family Business Award RedGuard
  • Wichita Business Journal 2017 Best Places to Work LANGE Shared Services
  • Wichita Business Journal 2018 Best Places to Work RedGuard, LANGE Shared Services
  • Wichita Business Journal Real Estate Awards 2018 Projects of the Year Lange Real Estate
  • Wichita Business Journal 2019 Best in Business RedGuard
  • Wichita Business Journal Real Estate Awards 2019 Deals of the Year Lange Real Estate
  • Wichita Business Journal 2020 Best Places to Work RedGuard, LANGE Shared Services
  • Wichita Business Journal 2020 Innovation Awards RedGuard
  • Wichita Business Journal Real Estate Awards 2020 Deals of the Year Lange Real Estate
  • Wichita Eagle Readers’ Choice 2021 Best Residential Real Estate Office Lange Real Estate
  • Wichita Business Journal 2021 Best Places to Work LANGE, RedGuard
  • Wichita Business Journal 2022 Best Places to Work RedGuard
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