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Always Evolving

LANGE grew from real estate roots. Jeff Lange gained his real estate license in 1981 and founded his first company. Though it didn’t turn a profit in its early stages, Jeff persevered, drawing on his Midwest determination and work ethic to grow his business.

Today, LANGE is a family of companies with many branches—and Jeff’s trailblazing spirit guides them all.

Deep Roots, Strong Growth

  • 2023

    We are excited to continue developing innovative solutions that help our partners and customers succeed while propelling our growth.

  • 2022

    Rachel Lange-Mills became a Broker. She now serves as President and Supervising Broker for Lange Real Estate.

    Lange Real Estate was selected as the downtown developer/creator for Park City, Kansas. The company also began the Champtown development in Park City.

    RedGuard acquired Civeo Offshore in Belle Chasse, Louisiana. Civeo Offshore and Specialist Service RedGuard combined and rebranded to form Armoda.

    RedGuard also acquired S&S in Greenville, North Carolina, adding to the SiteBox Storage fleet.

    Equisset purchased land in Ottawa, Kansas and Leawood, Kansas to support a partner developer—the first expansion of development outside South Central Kansas.

    3500 Iowa was created to buy and develop land in Lawrence, Kansas.

    The Lange Community Foundation announced the vision for OneRise, a 70-acre behavioral health campus in Wichita, Kansas.

  • 2021

    Lange Real Estate moved to Saddlecreek Crossing in the Crossgate District.

    RedGuard acquired SteelCorp, LLC, a storm shelter and pole barn company in Thomasville, Georgia. SteelCorp was rebranded to RedGuard Diversified Structures.

    LANGE, INC. was created as an independent company.

  • 2019

    RedGuard acquired L&L in Greenville, South Carolina, adding units to the SiteBox Storage fleet.

  • 2018

    RedGuard purchased a Baytown, Texas facility to support its continued growth across the Gulf Coast area.

  • 2017

    RedGuard opened a service yard location in New Iberia, Louisiana.

    Keeler Lake was purchased and rebranded as Brightwater Bay.

  • 2016

    RedGuard partnered with Specialist Services to form two joint venture companies: Specialist Services RedGuard (North and South America) and RedGuard Specialist Services (Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia).

    The Crossgate District was created, giving identity to a 13-square-mile area of southwest Wichita, Kansas, that hadn’t seen substantial investment for over 30 years.

  • 2015

    RedGuard opened a portable storage location in Dallas, Texas.

    Lange Homes, Inc. changed its name to BizCore Pros. Employees in the Accounting, Facilities, Finance, IT and Human Capital departments moved to this company, creating a shared service function for all LANGE companies. BizCore Pros later rebranded and is now known as LANGE Shared Services.

    Belt, Inc. was acquired from Richard Belt, who helped RedGuard continue building LeaseFleet units during the Great Recession with creative financing. Belt Leasing was later rebranded to Acquipt, a business equipment leasing company.

    Equisset was formed to provide capital finance resources to clients.

    Triple Crown Real Estate Investment Trust was initiated with Greg Gaeddert and officially achieved REIT status in January 2021. Triple Crown was the first active REIT created in Wichita, Kansas.

  • 2014

    Jeff and Patti Lange began holding monthly meetings for generational planning. These meetings would later become the Lange Family Council.

    TCRS was created as an estate planning vehicle, using the first letter of each Lange child’s name: Tiffani, Chelsi, Rachel and Stratton. This real estate business entity has developed areas including the Cherise Woods, Tiffani Breeze and Rachel Brooks estates. Lange Gen Y, another estate and generational planning entity, was created the following year.

    A Box 4 U rebranded to RedGuard with divisions LeaseFleet, SafetySuite, CoverSix Shelters, SiteBox Storage and VersaBilt. RedGuard opened a second production facility in Halstead, Kansas, and opened portable storage locations in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Houston, Texas.

  • 2013

    Lange Real Estate sold a large land deal west of Cheney, Kansas. The Ninnescah River runs through the property.

    A Box 4 U delivered its first SafetySuite branded blast-resistant building. The acquisition of BC&R Storage in Lawrence, Kansas, expanded the fleet to 1,000+ units.

  • 2012

    A Box 4 U entered the Canadian market. Needing more room to grow, the company purchased a production facility location in Wichita, Kansas. The facility opened the next year and is still in operation today.

  • 2010

    A Box 4 U offered its first custom options: QuadPods and Control Rooms. The company also sold its first ballistic unit overseas.

  • 2009

    A Box 4 U completed third-party ballistic testing, leased its first multi-section building, and supplied 138 buildings to a single refinery location.

  • 2008

    A Box 4 U sold its first viewing bunker to the U.S. Army. The company also sold its first international units.

  • 2007

    A Box 4 U formed a strategic partnership to expand its LeaseFleet customer base.

  • 2006

    Lange Real Estate completed a large volume sale that included the Larry Steckline Estate Home and acreage, then the Greg Steckline Home next door.

  • 2005

    Jeff Lange, Ed Laverentz and Kenny Wewe founded TAP, LLC to invest in Maple Village, a mobile home park in Wichita, Kansas.

    After a Texas refinery explosion took the lives of 15 refinery employees and injured 180 more, A Box 4 U developed the first blast-resistant portable building with the help of Dr. Ali Sari. The company later signed a multi-year agreement to supply blast-resistant units to ConocoPhillips.

  • 2003

    Fruition was established as a company in which real estate agents could invest, providing a profit-sharing program within Lange Real Estate.

  • 2002

    Due to the harsh and complex processes involved in oil refining, oil and gas companies began looking to A Box 4 U’s shipping container offices for durability.

  • 2001

    Based on customer feedback, A Box 4 U began modifying shipping containers into rugged, portable job site office buildings.

  • 1998

    Through a chance meeting with a fellow entrepreneur, Jeff Lange bought four shipping containers to lease out as safe, portable onsite storage for businesses. This was the start of A Box 4 U, which would later expand and rebrand to form RedGuard.

  • 1996

    Lange Homes, Inc. began building homes in residential developments.

  • 1995

    Lange Real Estate sold Lakeside Mobile Home Park, a 300+ lot community in Wichita, Kansas. This was a record real estate commission that stood for over a decade.

  • 1992

    Southborough Estates was sold and leased, and the first 52 lots were developed. Jeff Lange helped pass Kansas’s first land condominium law and established the Southborough Estates Condominium Association (SECA).

  • 1987

    Jeff Lange and Har-El Acres, Inc (the Lange family farm corporation) established Southborough Partners to create a mobile home park in Wichita, Kansas. The mobile home park is now known as Southborough Estates.

  • 1985

    Jeff Lange partnered with Jeff Bannon of Jeff Bannon Realty to form JBL, Inc. The two Jeffs did their first development: the Coombs Farm Addition near Bentley, Kansas.

  • 1981

    Jeff Lange obtained his real estate license and began investing in properties and land development. He got a broker license two years later to expand his opportunities further.

  • 1870s

    Lange family ancestors began farming near Conway Springs, Kansas, beginning an agricultural legacy that continues today.